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The Reverend Doctor

All of Maria's work is rooted in a deep and abiding faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the tradition of John Wesley. As an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church, she brings the Church and the Culture in conversation with each other through her life as a public theologian. 


She is the author of the “View from Dixon Hall”, the highly rated blog on the Progressive Christian Channel of A regular contributor to the United Methodist Reporter and The Religious News Service, Dr. Dixon Hall's work has also appeared in Time Magazine, CNN.Com, and numerous local and state newspapers. 


Maintaining an active preaching and speaking schedule, Dr. Dixon has spoken to secular and sacred audiences around the world. Passionate about the power of words to transform lives, organizations, and communities, she is frequently called upon to discuss issues of racial reconciliation, organizational reconciliation, and the need for civility in our cross-cultural discourse.




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